Handware Render for Batch

When batch mode is requested by running AcuFieldView with the -batch switch, you will see the following message in your console window: Attempting to use hardware for batch rendering.

AcuFieldView will attempt to run using accelerated off-screen rendering via a pbuffer. If the pbuffer initialization fails, then you will see the following message: Batch mode initialization failed. Retrying with software rendering.

When this happens, AcuFieldView will run the batch job using software rending. There is no need to restart AcuFieldView. The batch job is re-run automatically.

To provide the greatest flexibility, the -batch switch now supports an optional command line argument to provide further control for pbuffer allocation: :displaynum OR :displaynum.screennum.

This argument specifies the display on which the pbuffer will be allocated. This feature behaves similarly to the display setting when the -hrg (hardware remote graphics) option is used.

It is still possible to force AcuFieldView to use software rendering. This is done by setting the -software_render command line switch in conjunction with -batch command line switch. Note that this switch only affects -batch; it has no effect on -hrg/-srg operation.