Batch Mode

AcuFieldView can be run in batch mode without displaying the graphical user interface.

Batch mode is enabled by starting AcuFieldView with the -batch argument. It must be used in conjunction with an FVX program (-fvx name), a Python program (-python name), an automatic script restart (-s name) or a restart (-f name). DataGuide™ processing can also be used.

When AcuFieldView is run in batch mode from the command line using the -batch switch, it does not require an X-server to run. This is a major change in how AcuFieldView runs in batch compared with previous releases.

To run a script in batch, use: acuFv -batch -s script_name.

To run a restart in batch, and generate a DataGuide™ file at the same time, use: acuFv -batch -pN -f restart_name.

Batch mode, when combined with script commands such as PROBE, INTEGRATE and EXPORT, will allow you to analyze many datasets in succession, examine very large and/or transient datasets non-interactively, and run AcuFieldView overnight.

Note: Scripts which do not have an EXIT command will exit at the end of the script when batch mode is enabled. Script errors which normally give the continue/cancel option force cancel, and exit the script in batch mode.