Status Bar

The status bar displays information pertaining to the currently loaded model, active tools and panels, current collectors, and snap filter options.

The status bar is located at the bottom of HyperWorks below the modeling window. It contains an area for messages on the left and buttons to the right.

Figure 1.

Message Area

The message area displays messages and descriptions of active features in the User Interface.

When you are on one of the main panel menu pages, a description of the active menu page name, for example, Geometry, displays.

When you are in a panel, the panel title and subpanel title display.

Errors messages and miscellaneous messages such as status updates, entity selections, or completed operations also display and temporarily override the title and status information.
Tip: If you have trouble completing an operation, check that status bar for relevant information.

Button Area

The button area shows the name and ID of current collectors in the HyperWorks session, as well as snap filter options.

Right-click on any button to customize the status bar button area. You can show or hide any combination of available items.
Figure 2.
To assign or change a current collector, click the respective button on the status bar and select it from the pop-up list or by picking it in the modeling window.
Tip: While choosing a current collector, you can also create a new one directly from the pop-up list by using the right-click menu (except for Current Part, which requires using the Part Browser).