Message Log

The Message Log lists the actions performed in the current session. The dialog also provides you with information about your file (warnings, errors, and so on).

The Message Log can be turned on or off from the View menu. By default, the Message Log opens at the bottom of the application. If a panel and/or the Tcl Console is also open, the Message Log opens as a separate tab.

Use the three buttons at the top of the Message Log to filter the message type(s) displayed. The number next to the icon indicates how many of each message type are in the message log.

By default, the message log can store up to 1,024 messages. If this limit is exceeded while running HyperWorks, the oldest message(s) will be overwritten. You can use the HyperWorks API commands to change this limit as necessary. However, as the limit is increased, the amount of memory used by the application also increases. See the hwIMessageLog API commands for more information.

Tip: Use the right-click context menu in the Message Log to export messages, clear the log, and control when the log displays. If Autopost is active, the Message Log will automatically open if a new message is posted.

When exporting, line breaks are removed for all Error, Warning, and Information statements. All other statements are saved and are displayed as they are in the Message Log.