Particle Paths Panel

Use the Particle Paths panel to display particle track data read in from a file.

AcuFieldView will allow you to read particle path files from *.fvp - AcuFieldView format and XDB Import. The particles may be displayed in a number of different formats, colored and/or scaled by a scalar variable (from the flow field or the particle file), and even animated.

If your data was read using a remote server, the browser for your particle path data will also be set for that remote server, except that, for the fvp particle path type only, you will have an option to read from the client. In this case, the Particle Paths Data Input panel displays the following two options:
  • FV Particle Path (Direct)
  • Server

The Particle Paths panel can also be used to display a series of points in space, with an associated scalar variable, for displaying sparse data. The Particle Paths panel is different from the Streamlines panel, which is used to calculate massless particle paths through the flow field.