Annotation Panel

Use the Annotation panel to create and display annotation objects of two different types, text or arrows.

Text is useful for labeling the modeling window or a particular area of interest and arrows can be placed and rotated into position to point out an area of significance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Title?
To create a title, click Create Text. If a title has already been created, the Create Text button will make a copy of the current title in the modeling window.
Once the title has been created, you may select to display the title as text, or as an arrow. If you choose text, type in the line of text you desire in the Text Line field at the bottom of the panel. Upon hitting return, the current title will be replaced with this new text line.
How can I position the text?
By clicking any of the buttons in the Text Orientation - Align area, you can position the text at the left side, right side, top, bottom, or in the center (horizontal) or middle (vertical) of the screen. Alternatively, you can use the transform controls to position the text interactively. To do this, change the Object selection on the transform controls to Title.
How do I create multi-line titles?
Each time a new title is created after the first one, it will be placed below the previously created title. So you can easily create multi-line titles by creating each line in succession. After the first line is created and placed as desired, AcuFieldView will automatically place successively created titles below it. Of course, any title can be moved to any desired position. Multi-line titles cannot, however, be moved as a group.
How do I control the display of the text?
Using the Font controls you can select from different fonts, and can control the size of the font by either typing into the size field, or clicking one of the arrow keys. The default font type is Lee, and the default size is 10. Text can also be created vertically, rather than horizontally, by clicking the correct button in the text orientation - direction area.
How can I place an arrow in the modeling window?
Arrows can be placed in the modeling window using the transform controls. If the title type is Arrow, and the transform controls object is Title, the mouse can be used to position, rotate and scale the arrow.