2D Plots Panel

Use the 2D Plots panel to make two dimensional plots (graphs) of the current scalar function on a straight line in X, Y, Z space, or along a curve on a particular surface for the current dataset.

Support for multiple 2D plots per dataset is provided. The maximum number of 2D plots is nine. The maximum number of plot paths per 2D Plot is 10. Each 2D Plot can display a different scalar function.

Because of this change, the 2D Plot Controls panel in this release is more consistent with the panels for other surfaces and rakes. To create a new 2D plot, first click Create on the 2D Plot Controls panel. Next, create a 2D plot path within a 2D plot, by clicking Create on the 2D Plot Paths panel.

Important Notes

  • The 2D Plot Paths panel can be opened from the 2D Plot Controls panel by clicking Plot Paths any time after a plot has been created.
  • Plot Window zooming is enabled only when there is a single plot.
  • When cylindrical coordinates are specified using a FVREG file (Region definition), the Horizontal Axis/Plotting Direction XYZ buttons become RTZ (Radius, Theta, Z) buttons.