AcuConsole Customization Manual

Customization of AcuConsole allowing you to improve your particular workflow.

AcuConsole is a GUI-based pre-processor for AcuSolve. AcuConsole has a flexible and easy to use GUI to guide you to: load a CAD geometry, mesh, or AcuSolve input file; organize the geometry/mesh into appropriate volume and surface groups; generate an unstructured tet mesh (if geometry is provided); specify meshing and solution parameters (boundary conditions, material models, output, and so on); write out AcuSolve input files; launch AcuSolve; and finally launch AcuProbe and other third party post-processors to monitor and visualize the solution.

The standard AcuConsole is a flexible, general purpose tool with a very rich set of options and features that allows you to setup a diverse set of flow problems. By construction, this presents you with a multitude of options and parameters. You may be interested in solving a very specific set of problems, which in principal should require very specific and limited numbers of parameters. AcuConsole provides this functionality through its customization capability presented in this document.