File Menu

The File menu provides access to most file input and output operations including reading data, saving images and saving/reading restarts.

Data Input

Data Input offers options that allow you to read in data from an AcuSolve simulation. There are two formats of AcuSolve results that can be read:
  • AcuSolve [Direct Reader]: This option directly reads results from the AcuSolve output database. This option is used when AcuFieldView is started from AcuConsole and can also be used without additional conversion steps.
  • AcuSolve [FV - UNS Export]: This option reads data that was exported from AcuSolve in the FieldView unstructured format. This option provides more control over variables present in the dataset and is read more quickly, which is preferred if the data set will be read multiple times.

Open Restart/Save Restart

Complete restarts of the state of AcuFieldView, such as data read in and surfaces displayed, can be saved and opened at a later time. Also, restarts of individual surfaces/rakes/views, and so on can be created. In this way, a previous view of a particular dataset can be recreated with only one command. Restarts contain information that is applicable to all the datasets in memory, not just the current dataset. Therefore, if a complete restart or a computational surface restart is saved, it contains information about all datasets in memory. Separate surface restarts need not be created for multiple datasets (and should not be created). This menu is also used to run scripts written in the AcuFieldView script language.

Except for the complete restart and data file input options in this menu, the names of the datasets that the restarts are based on are not saved. Thus, using the restart files menu, dataset(s) may be viewed in the same way as previous dataset(s) quite easily.

Save Image

This option lets you save either the contents of the graphics window or the 2D plot window to a file. Several different file formats are supported. Once you have navigated to either the graphics or plot sub-menu and have selected a file format, a file browser is launched letting you specify the name and location of where you want the file to be saved.


The Print option is used to output a selected window to a postscript-compatible printer. For Linux users only there is also a user-defined output, if you need output other than postscript. Printing directly to a printer requires additional configuration.

Two additional options are available for controlling postscript output: Use White Background with Black Border and Gray Scale Output.


Click Exit in order to exit the AcuFieldView program entirely and return to your normal workstation display. Before exiting, a dialog opens. Click OK to close the program.