Use the Integration Controls panel to perform numerical integration on certain visualization entities that you create.

The code provides for the integration of a single scalar function, stored in AcuFieldView's Scalar Function Register, over one or more surfaces in the current dataset. Any combination of surfaces may be used in the calculation, including computational surfaces, coordinate surfaces, iso-surfaces and boundary surfaces. In addition a "sweep" function is provided that calculates a sequence of integrals, by integrating at each step of a sweep operation.

The integrated result returned is for the visible portion of the surface. Existing surfaces in the current dataset may be omitted from inclusion in the integration calculation by turning the visibility off for those surfaces. However, making a surface fully transparent does not have the same effect. Transparent surfaces are included in integrations. With regions, it is possible to change the visible portion of a surface by subsetting using regions, or by simply toggling the visibility of individual regions off.

Output files are only generated for sweep current surface integration results. It is possible to cut and paste integration results directly from the results section of the integration controls panel. When cylindrical coordinates are specified using an .FVREG file (region definition), sweep integration is performed in the R, T, or Z direction. This is carried through to the output file as well.