Dynamic Clipping

The Dynamic Clipping feature allows you to visually "clip" (threshold) all of the current graphical objects, such as coordinate planes, boundary surfaces, streamlines and iso-surfaces. This feature is available for use both interactively in AcuFieldView as well as functionally through numerical specification in a user defined FVX script.

Currently, two types of clip definitions are available: clip lines and clip boxes. Clip lines are defined by a point and a normal vector, indicating the starting point and direction in which the current display is to be clipped. Similarly, clip boxes trim objects outside the bounds of a user-defined box.

You can save several clip lines and/or clip boxes as a clip group. Once saved, a clip group can be toggled on and off, deleted, or replaced with another defined clip group. AcuFieldView allows up to 12 dynamic clip groups to be specified at any given time, each defined by up to 16 clip lines, four clip boxes, or a combination of the two.

New clip groups can be applied to a dataset interactively in the AcuFieldView graphics window or through the use of functions in FVX.