Create Exterior Bnd File

This tool and the following provide a means to automatically create two different types of structured boundary files. A .fvbnd file is generated for the current dataset.

If a .fvbnd file for the current grid already exists, and you decide to overwrite it, the original file will be renamed .fvbnd.old and the specifications contained in it will be merged into the new .fvbnd file. Boundaries will be renumbered, but the specifications will otherwise be the same. No work will be done to ensure that the result of merging the generated and existing boundary specifications will not create duplicate boundaries or boundary names.

This particular tool will create a file named gridfilename.fvbnd with boundary types exterior-grid#. If the dataset is single grid the grid number is omitted from the boundary name. These boundaries will specify the exteriors of each grid.

This tool can also be accessed with an additional command line switch when doing DataGuideTM processing with the -p option. The command line switch is -create_exterior_fvbnd.