Color Mixer

Use the Color Mixer to change eight of the 10 colors that AcuFieldView uses for geometric and background colors.

Black and white are not editable. The set colors are global over all objects existing on the screen or created anew.

The panel will initially display the geometric colors as both the Old and New color chips, and its Red/Green/Blue (RGB) value is displayed in the RGB sliders and type-ins. To choose a different color chip to edit, click the desired color chip to select it. As the RBG values are changed, the New color chip and the Select Color to Change chip update to reflect the new color. The Old color chip continues to display the old color.

You can change more than one color at a time before applying the changes. Clicking Apply commits all color changes made to any chip. The colors committed would be those displayed in the color chip selector in the upper portion of the panel.

In 8-bit color, updates to surface coloring will occur simultaneously as the RGB values are changed.
Note: You can also open the Color Mixer panel by clicking the icon on the toolbar.