Search for Nodes

Search for nodes based on a search category and a user entered search term.

Drill-down to get detailed information about the HPC cluster's nodes or nodes attached to a queue.

Search for nodes based on any of the node properties displayed in the list.
Note: Entering a GUI-friendly state (e.g. "free" or "busy") in the search bar for a global search will act as if the search was being performed for State. If the user wants to search for these particular queries for other search categories (e.g. "free" in the Comment), a targeted search must be used for that key. GUI-friendly states are:
  • free
  • offline
  • busy
  • down
  • job busy
  • job exclusive
  • provisioning
  • resv exclusive
  • stale
  • state unknown
  • unknown
  • unresolvable
  • wait provisioning
Tip: Searching is case insensitive.
  1. Select the search category.

    Figure 1. Choose Search Category
  2. Enter a search term in the search box.

    Search for nodes
    Figure 2. Enter Search Term
  3. Click Search.
    The nodes are filtered based on the selected category and search term.