View HPC Resource Usage Charts

View charts that provide information about the core usage, job counts by state, and node usage at an HPC.

  1. Click the Monitor tab.
    Two charts are displayed:
    • Core Usage Over Time by Job State
    • Node Usage Over Time by Node State
    The data displayed in the charts is an accumulated totals for all HPCs.

    Figure 1. Dashboard
    Tip: By default, the data in the Dashboard charts is refreshed every 5 minutes. Refresh the data manually by clicking .

    Refresh Data
    Figure 2. Refresh Data
  2. Enable By State to display the Jobs Over Time by Job State chart.
    The chart is displayed.

    Jobs by State Chart
    Figure 3. Jobs by State Chart
    Tip: Enable By Core Count to revert the display back to the Core Usage Over Time by Job State chart.