Block Format Keyword The submodel card defines a part of the model with separate definition of numeration, unit system and Radioss version.


(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
off_def off_nod off_ele off_part off_mat off_type off_sub      


Field Contents SI Unit Examples
submodel_ID Submodel identifier.

(Integer, maximum 10 digits)

unit_ID Unit Identifier. 4

(Integer, maximum 10 digits)

Vers_number Optional version of input deck inside submodel.

(Example: V41 - Version 41, V130 - Version 13.0, V2017 - Version 2017)

Default = Version used in the main input file

submodel_title Submodel title.

(Character, maximum 100 characters)

off_def Default offset value for all option.

Default = 0 (Integer)

off_nod Default offset value for the nodes.

Default = off_def (Integer)

off_ele Default offset value for the elements.

Default = off_def (Integer)

off_part Default offset value for the parts.

Default = off_def (Integer)

off_mat Default offset value for all materials.

Default = off_def (Integer)

off_type Default offset value for all properties.

Default = off_def (Integer)

off_sub Default offset value for all submodels.

Default = off_def (Integer)



  1. The following options are not compatible with //SUBMODEL:
    All adaptive meshing cards
    All ALE cards
    All EULER cards
    All Lagrange multiplier method options
    LAW18, LAW29, LAW30, LAW31, LAW52, LAW74 , LAW78, LAW80, LAW81, USERIJ 7
    TYPE15, TYPE46
    /XREF or /EREF, instead of /REFSTA
    Cut methodology - Isave > 0
  2. The following options are ignored when defined in //SUBMODEL:
    TYPE2, TYPE7, TYPE11, TYPE19, TYPE25
  3. The keyword //ENDSUB is mandatory at the end of the submodel block.
  4. The units and version of Radioss submodel can be specified either by /BEGIN card (recommended) or by Vers_number and unit_ID in the //SUBMODEL line. If they are defined in both places, the units and version defined in the /BEGIN card inside the //SUBMODEL are used instead of the Vers_number and unit_ID defined in the //SUBMODEL line.
  5. Radioss Starter gives two or more errors when more than two /BEGIN cards are specified inside the submodel.
  6. If the version of the input deck inside the submodel is not defined, the format is assumed to be the same as the one defined in the card /BEGIN in the main model.
  7. Material LAW29, LAW30, LAW31 and USERIJ can be used in the //SUBMODEL if the unit system of the //SUBMODEL is the same as the main file.
  8. //SUBMODEL supports hierarchy so a //SUBMODEL can be defined inside another //SUBMODEL. However, unit_ID and Vers_number are not available when a //SUBMODEL is defined inside another //SUBMODEL.
  9. When using hierarchy of //SUBMODEL, the input version of //SUBMODEL should be the current version of Radioss.
  10. If referencing an entity ID, such as node ID or part ID, in the Engine file, the entity ID must include the //SUBMODEL ID offsets.