control (function, routine=None, script=None):


String defining a valid MotionSolve user expression
The string contains the list of parameters that are passed to the user-defined subroutine.
This argument is mandatory.
The user subroutine is defined in a DLL or shared library
Specifies an alternative name for the user subroutine. The name consists of two pieces of information, separated by "∷". The first is the pathname to the shared library containing the Consub. The second is the name of the Consub function in the shared library.
An example is: routine="/staff/Altair/engine.dllmyConsub"
  • "/staff/Altair/ engine.dll is the dll
  • "myConsub" is the function within this DLL that performs the calculations
The user subroutine is defined in a Python function
Pointer to a callable function in Python
An example is: routine=myConsub
  • myConsub is a Python function or method that can be called from wherever the model resides.
The attribute routine is optional. When not specified, routine defaults to "CONSUB".
The string points to a file that contains the consub function defined in routine.


# Create a model
m = CreateStewartPlatform (output="Stewart-Platform")

# Invoke a CONSUB, mySimulationDriver to run the simulation
m.control (function="USER(1,2,3)", routine=mySimulationDriver)