Creating MotionSolve XML Files

You can create MotionSolve XML files in the following ways:
  1. Export MotionView models into the MotionSolve XML format.
  2. Export HyperMesh into an OptiStruct file (.fem), which, when submitted to OptiStruct, gets translated into the MotionSolve XML format.
  3. Translate ADAMS input files (ADM and ACF files) into the MotionSolve XML format.
You may also edit the MotionSolve XML file using a text editor. The MotionSolve XML format consists of the following three types of elements:
  1. Modeling elements.
  2. Command elements.
  3. Functions used to define MotionSolve expressions.

MotionSolve models may also contain entities modeled with user defined subroutines written in Fortran or C/C++ programming languages.

The XML Format Reference Guide covers the MotionSolve XML file format and the user defined subroutines. For MDL and bulk data format documentation, please refer to the MDL Language Reference and the OptiStruct online help, respectively.