Model ElementModel is the container for all objects of a simulation.

Class Name



It is equipped with several methods that enable you to perform actions on the model.

Attribute Summary

Name Property Modifiable by Command?
output String  


Model (output=string)


Defines root name for all output files.
The output attribute is mandatory.


Create a model entity in your model.
myModel = Model (output="Stewart-Platform")


The Model class is equipped with several methods that allow you to perform specific actions on a complete model. The table below summarizes the methods currently available.
simulate Performs a simulation
control Invokes a user-written function (default=CONSUB) to drive the simulation
save Save the complete state of a simulation into an XML file
reload Reload complete state of a simulation at a specific time from a SAVE file
reset Resets the simulation time to zero and prepares solver for a brand new run
generate_abcd Generates a state space representation of the model in the form of state matrices A, B, C, and D in the desired format ('matlab' or 'simulink_mdl')
generateOutput Invokes an external executable that creates plt and animation h3d file
generate_eigensolution Performs an eigen analysis of the model, generates eigenvalues and mode shapes