Model ElementThe ParamCurve element allows you to represent a curve defined in the model as a Curve element. The graphic is defined by a number of straight line segments connecting vertices on the curve defined by Curve reference.

Class Name


Attribute Summary

Name Property Modifiable by command? Designable?
curve Reference (Curve) NO Yes
rm Reference (Marker) Yes
seg Int ()  
material_inside Bool ()  
color String()  


curve = ParamCurve(rm=Marker(), curve=Curve(), seg=20)


Reference (Curve)
The curve entity represented by this graphic object. This attribute is mandatory.
Reference (Marker)
The coordinate system with respect to which the curve points are defined.
Int ()
Specifies the number of segments used to represents the Curve.
Bool ()
Specifies if the graphic has material inside or outside. material_inside is a Boolean flag (TRUE/FALSE).
TRUE means the geometry is solid. In other words, it is filled with material and its exterior is devoid of material. Consequently, the surface normals of the geometry point outward.
FALSE means the converse: The exterior of the geometry is filled with material and the interior is devoid of material. In this case, the surface normals of the geometry point inward.
The color of the graphic for H3D animation. Specified as RGB (Red : Green : Blue).


  1. See Properties for an explanation about what properties are, why they are used, and how you can extend these.