MdlLikeMethod Overview

MSOLVE is the Python interface developed for MotionSolve. It supports all generic MotionSolve entities as the XML format does. However, entities can only be defined in a rudimentary way in MSOLVE/XML, which is not convenient for the modeling purpose. For instance, a joint must be defined on the i&j marker while in the real scenario, the user simply wants to create a joint on two different parts.

Significant amout of work has been done inside MotionView to simplify the modeling process. MdlLikeMethod is its counterpart in MSOLVE. By using the helper functions from MdlLikeMethod, you can create the model in a way similar to what you normally do in MotionView.

Who Will Use the Python Interface?

MdlLikeMethod is mainly developed to support the export of MSOVLE model from MotionView. MotionView developers can simplify the process by using the helper functions provided. However, anyone who creates MSOLVE by hand is encouraged to use it whenever needed. Some of the functions there are extremely helpful when you want to use the advanced feature of MSOLVE (making a 2D contact designable for example).

What is being provided as a part of this interface?

Three types of functions are provided in MdlLikeMethod

  • Modeling Function

    Modeling function simplify the process of modeling. For example, function createRevoluteJoint allows you to create a Revolute Joint without defining the i&j marker explicitly.

  • MDL Function

    A lot of helper functions are provided in mdl to facilitate the modeling process. These are not supported by MSOLVE. The most commonly used ones are provided here.

  • Designable Function

    As its name suggests, designable function helps to make model designable. To make it designable, Dvs are created automatically and the properties of the modeling entity are replaced by expressions that depends on Dvs.

Note: Each function/method we provide may belong to more than one category.