Port Use

AcuFieldView will attempt to acquire a port during startup for use in communication with AcuFieldView servers.

This is always done, whether or not you intend to run client-server. By default, it attempts to acquire port number 12345. If it cannot acquire this port, AcuFieldView will shut down. This can happen when another program is already using this port number, such as another copy of AcuFieldView running on the same machine or occasionally if AcuFieldView is killed rather than exited cleanly. If AcuFieldView does not exit cleanly, the port is often tied up for two to four minutes.

To avoid port conflicts, you can request a different port number by using the -port switch on the AcuFieldView command line. You should keep in mind that ports with numbers below 1000 are reserved. And, the policy for port use is sometimes part of a security protocol. You should consult with your system administrator if you have questions about port usage at your site. Here is an example that sets the port to 21000: acuFv -port 21000.

If you will not be using client/server at all, you can tell AcuFieldView not to request any port as follows: acuFv -port none.

The port number can also be changed by setting the environment variable FV_DEFAULT_PORT. If both the environment variable and the -port switch are used, the -port switch will take precedence.