Manual Server Startup

Manual server startup is used for specific purposes.

Since it is more difficult than automatic startup, manual server startup is used for specific purposes:
  • Accessing servers that require a very secure login (that is, ssh and rsh are not good enough) or that require a password to be entered that is different than your current login.
  • Debugging user-defined readers.

In manual server startup, you will log in to the server machine, and when prompted by AcuFieldView, you will start the server process on the server machine. The server process will then communicate to the client via a port.

Manual server start uses a server configuration file which specifies that the server process is to be started manually. Manual start is selected by setting autostart: false in the configuration file for the server machine that you are interested in.

The first step in using manual server start is to log in to the server machine from the client. This can be accomplished with whatever tool you normally use for this process. Typical tools are telnet and rlogin. You begin reading data in the same way as with an automatic start, by selecting a server. When AcuFieldView recognizes that the server is to be started manually, you will be prompted to start the manual server. At this point, you log into the server machine, start the server process, and click OK on the server start pop-up. You can then select the data file type and use the browser to pick the file that is to be read. In order to make it as easy as possible to use manual server start, AcuFieldView is designed to re-use a server that has been started manually whenever you replace the dataset on that server. A side effect of this is that you cannot re-use the server that you started manually to append datasets.

The steps for running a manual server start are:
  1. Start AcuFieldView.
  2. Log in to the server machine.
  3. Using either the data input function, FVX or a restart, request to read from the server machine which you are logged in to.
  4. AcuFieldView will prompt you to start the server process on the server machine.
  5. Start the server by running the fvrunsrv executable installed on the server machine. For example: fvrunsrv -port 21000.
  6. Click OK on the prompt from AcuFieldView that is requesting that you start the server. You will continue in the normal data read process.