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Moldex3D Solid Utility Menu

Moldex3D Solid Utility Menu

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Moldex3D Solid Utility Menu

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The Moldex3D Solid Utility menu consists of buttons that provide shortcuts to different functions. The layout of the buttons mimic the process flow required to set up a model for Moldex3D Solid.

The main Utility menu is shown below, along with descriptions of function.





Shortcut to the Edge Edit panel. This shortcut provides quick access to the Edge Edit, Defeature, and Point Edit panels for geometry cleanup operations.


Shortcut to the Midsurface panel, which provides tools to extract a midsurface from selected surfaces.



Shortcut to the Lines panel, which is used to create lines.


Shortcut to the Line Edit panel, which is used to edit lines.

Extract Axis

Opens the Extract Axis dialog, which extracts the axis of the given solid. See Extract Axis for more details.

Generate Mesh

Coolant Channel Line

Opens the panel to generate 1D beam mesh for the coolant channel.

Surface Mesh

Opens the size and bias subpanel of the Automesh panel, which is used to create tria3 elements on surfaces.

Layered Tet Mesh

Opens a submenu of macros for generating a layered CFD solid mesh. See Layered Tet Mesh Submenu.

Solid Meshing Wizard

Opens the Solid Meshing Wizard, which facilitates meshing the solids either with solidmap, tetmesh or CFD mesh.

Runner Meshing Wizard

Opens the Runner Meshing Wizard, which contains a dialogs that help create a high quality solid mesh for the runner system consisting of prism and tetrahedral elements. See Runner Meshing Wizard.

Moldex3D Wizard

Opens the Moldex3D Wizard tab, which contains a step-by-step procedure to set up an Boundary Layer 3D Mesh See Moldex3D Wizard.

Model Setup

Create Property Cards

Opens a submenu for setting up the model. See Create Property Cards for details.


Computes the element quality of the displayed solid elements.


Opens the Moldex3D MFE Export dialog for exporting the model. See Export for details.


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