Verify the Basic Input and Output With a Non-HyperMesh Formatted File

The Special case tab allows you to verify the basic input and output with a non-HyperMesh formatted file (other pre-processor generated files).

There are occasions when the reference file is not a HyperMesh formatted file, and the exported file cannot be compared directly with the reference model file.

The exported file solver result comparison with the reference model result after the solver check run.
  • This assures the solver deck is a valid FE deck.
  • [Include file handling] P-P, P-M, M-M. [P - Preserve, M - Merge]
Note: Both runs are with the same solver version.
  1. Click the FE Model tab then click the Special case tab.

    Figure 1.
  2. From the File type drop-down menu, select the correct solver for running HyperMesh in the background.
  3. Optional: Select IO Merge or Export Merge.
    If you select IO Merge, both an import and export merge are performed.

    If you select Export Merge, Import preserve and Export merge are performed.

  4. Select an input file (master file only; this includes all include files).
  5. Select an output directory.
  6. Click Import-Export to perform the solution.
    The following information is displayed in the Import-Export-Import section:
    • Re-imports the exported file.
    • Displays the re-import status.
    • Generates a diff report of the FE entities.
  7. Under Reference input (results file), use the file open icon to select a reference result file (of the input reference file) with the model check run.
  8. Click Check Run to perform a solver result check.
  • The message log file displays the current status of processes in progress. Click Status/Diff to display the respective report. The message log file is a text file and is saved to your output directory.
  • Click Html Report to generate an HTML report of your session information for any number of files run through the process.