Pre-processing for CAD Modeling and Meshing

Use the CAD and FE Model tabs to verify and validate CAD modeling and meshing.

Modeling and meshing are crucial steps in the CAE process. Verification and validation of data at these stages are important.

CAD models contain raw CAD data. When this raw data is read into the pre-processor, there is a chance that there could be a change in quality and data loss due to geometry clean up, for example. Identifying these parameters and taking corrective action would help the downstream process. Capturing such information as users switching between pre-processor versions is important to gain confidence in the processed data with later HyperWorks versions. Hence, advanced methodology with core API's have been used to extract such information and compare imported and exported CAD data with a CAD-CAD comparison.

As a next logical step, the CAD model is meshed in batch mode and the quality of the meshed elements (along with any loss in geometry) are identified. This part helps you create a finite element (FE) mesh in batch mode from a CAD model and perform an advanced comparison of geometry and the associated mesh (CAD-FE). This helps you verify and validate the CAD-meshed FE data - even across different versions of HyperWorks - with suitable options.