Generate Keyword Coverage Information

Keyword coverage allows you to identify supported, unsupported and partially supported keywords based on analysis decks in HyperMesh.

The following information is retrieved:
  • A clear indication of the most used keywords, based on the type of analyses customers perform.
  • The extent of QA coverage (create or accumulate the model data to bridge this gap).
  • Depending on the customer base or business justification, prioritize the support of the unsupported or partially supported keywords.
  • Generates solver modified reference file (optional) with unsupported cards commented. Please note that you can use it for a solver run at your own discretion.
  1. Click the FE Model tab then click the Keywords coverage tab.

    Figure 1.
  2. From the File type drop-down menu, select an LS-DYNA or Abaqus file type.
  3. Under Input deck(s), select input files.
    • Click to search for and load additional input files. Select the top level folder to load all files of selected file type.
    • Click in the cell for each file type to activate it. Once the cell is active, click to display the file browser and load only selected files. You can also add multiple files.
    • Click to delete a selected file from the list.
  4. Select an output directory.
  5. From the Result and Files section, select or deselect the Unsupported keyword occurrence option.
  6. Select Coverage map to generate a pie chart and coverage report.
  7. If interested in testing the solver deck with the tagged unsupported cards, select Generate a modified reference file.
  8. Click Generate to create a report.
  9. Click on the pie chart to view the report details.
Tip: The message log file displays the current status of processes in progress. Click Status/Diff to display the respective report. The message log file is a text file and is saved to your output directory.