Compare HyperCrash Sessions

Use the HC Session tab to compare HyperCrash sessions.

  1. Click the FE Model tab then click the HC Session tab.

    Figure 1.
  2. From the File Type drop-down menu, select an LS-DYNA or Radioss file type.
  3. Select the current and reference solver version.
  4. Select a unit system.
  5. Input decks.
    • Click in the cell for each file type to activate it. Once the cell is active, click to display the file browser and load only selected files. You can also add multiple files.
    • Click to delete a selected file from the list.
    • Click to add a row to the table.
  6. Select an output directory.
  7. Click Execute.
    The exported deck is compared with the Reference file.

    To see the difference between the reference file (the input deck) and the HyperCrash exported file, click Diff to display the report.

If you select Reference Version instead of Reference File, the GUI changes slightly. All fields are the same except under the Input Deck section, where the Reference File column is omitted. Select the Current and Reference versions. The HyperCrash session file is executed on the Current and Reference versions and the export decks. Exported decks in the Current and Reference versions are compared.

  • The message log file displays the current status of processes in progress. Click Status/Diff to display the respective report. The message log file is a text file and is saved to your output directory.
  • Click Html Report to generate an HTML report of your session information for any number of files run through the process.