Preferences: Inspire Friction Stir Welding

Define preferences for mouse controls and options related to how information is calculated and displayed.

Run Options

Preference Description
Number of CPU cores The number of CPU cores used during optimization or analysis runs. For larger models, significant time savings can be achieved by using at least two cores to perform the calculation.
Advanced parameters Enable to enter solver parameters like number of non-linear iterations, etc in export panel.
Run in model directory Enable this option if you want to store run history in the directory where the model is located rather than the run history path.
Run history path Location where run folders are created automatically when a run is submitted.
Mesh mode Choose from Auto, SimLab, HyperMesh for meshing in pre-processing stage.
Preserve scratch files Enabling this preference will preserve scratch files.
Use HyperXtrude Job Manager Enabling this preference will use the HyperXtrude Job Manager instead of the PBS Job Manager.


Preference Description
User material database Location where user material files are stored.


Analysis Legend Colors
Use the drop-down menus to change the legend colors for each of the analysis result types.