Preferences: Print 3D

Define preferences for 3D printing.

Undercut Options

Preference Description
Minimum support area Use to define the smallest area for which supports should be generated. Areas smaller than this will be assumed to be self-supporting due to their small size and will not display a support preview, even if one would generally be required due to the undercut angle.
Angle undercut Any region with an undercut angle less than or equal to the value defined here will be shown as requiring supports.

Support Options

Preference Description
Support spacing Use to adjust the spacing between supports.

Run Options

Preference Description
Run in model directory Enable this option if you want to store run history in the directory where the model is located rather than the run history path.
Run history path Specify the default location where the run history is stored.
Number of CPU cores The number of CPU cores used during analysis runs. For larger models, significant time savings can be achieved by using at least two cores to perform the calculation.

Analysis Legend Colors

Preference Description
Printing Select the legend color scheme for Print 3D analysis results.