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Create and edit a 2D sketch curve. A sketch curve is any "wire" entity such as a line, rectangle, circle, or arc.
Create and edit 3D curves by extending, rebuilding, intersecting, splitting, and projecting the shapes.
Create and edit 3D surfaces and solids by creating primitives or editing existing curves and surfaces.
Create polygonal surfaces that can easily be converted into NURBS surfaces. PolyNURBS combines the ease and simplicity of polygonal modeling with the precision and flexibility of NURBS, allowing you to quickly create free-form solid geometry that is smooth and continuous.
Create new objects by manipulating and modifying source objects.
Quickly modify objects that are not a part of Construction History.
Deform one or more objects with respect to an axis.
Measure dimensions, analyze curvature, check for continuity and watertightness, analyze the draft, detect undercuts, assign tags to entities, edit and visualize streamlines as static images or animations, create design iterations on the fly, and assign variables.
Dimension a line, edge, bounding box, angle, and radius/diameter in order to create objects which must fit predefined dimensions. You can also insert a general annotation to label the parts of your model.
Create detailed 2D drawings of the selected parts of a complex 3D model from multiple perspectives.
Adjust the materials, environment, and properties of objects in the scene to create a photorealistic image.
In Inspire Studio you can animate an object or group and the camera. There are two methods of animation: key frame animation and path animation.
Create a draw die in Inspire Studio that you can export to Inspire Form to perform a stamping simulation.
You can use C++ and Python to add custom operations and file formats.
Learn keyboard shortcuts and mouse controls for common operations.
Inspire Studio supports 3Dconnexion's SpaceMouse.