Altair HyperLife Weld Certification 2021.2 Release Notes

New Features

Weld Templates
HyperLife Weld Certification now supports Weld Templates per regulation to automatically update the defaults highlighted in the points context. The weld template is a .xml file which can have pre-defined properties for one or more regulations. The weld templates are sourced into the HyperLife Weld Certification session via the Weld Template folder. Default location set in preferences: /Documents/Fatigue/WeldTemplates.
Weld templates allow predefined regulation properties to be updated to all weld lines when a regulation is applied. The weld templates overwrite and populate the General Table Data, Evaluation Table Data, and Points Table Data. Creating a custom Weld Template is documented in the User Guide.
User Control Evaluation Distance
HyperLife Weld Certification supports modifying the constants to control the Evaluation distance. The Points context dialog is enhanced to enable user input values.
Nominal and Hotspot evaluation methods are independent of Regulations
The Nominal and Hotspot evaluation methods are available as options and are independent of any regulation. The evaluation distance and stress query are automatically updated with the selection of evaluation method.
Stress Range correction for Eurocode 3
User options are supported to enable Effective Stress Range corrections based on Eurocode 3. An exclusive flag is available on the Evaluate tool when the selected regulation is Eurocode 3.
Critical Plane analysis support for Unwelded evaluation
Critical Plane analysis is available for Unwelded evaluation. The user option is available in the Evaluate tool to choose Critical Plane as stress state (Stress Combination in the GUI).
Static Assessment as a separate flag
Static Assessment of Welded regions are available as an option with exclusive flag on Evaluate tool. You can choose to include static assessment before submitting the run.


  • Auto Event creation is available with fixed point as Loading type in the Load Map tool.
  • Preference options are enhanced to restrict the number of elements which need to be reported.
  • Min and Max Loadcase contributing to max stress range/amplitude are now shown in report.
  • GUI options are enhanced to review and isolate Weld + location entity.
Model Files Removed from Installation Package
To reduce the footprint size, the following tutorial model and demo model files are no longer included in the local installation. You can now find zipped tutorial model files and demo model files on Altair One via the Altair Community, Altair Marketplace, and Altair Connect sites. Altair recommends that you create an Altair One account and use it as your primary portal to access product documentation, a Knowledge Base, and customer support.
Tutorial Model Files
HyperLife Weld Certification

Resolved Issues

Axis labels showing Stress Amplitude instead of Stress Range for specific regulations are resolved.

Known Issues

Memory issue and application errors occur while running models with a large number of welds. This is being investigated and will be addressed in the upcoming releases.