Altair HyperView Player 2021.2 Release Notes


  • HyperView Player graphical user interface update.

New Features

HyperView Player Graphical User Interface Update
The graphical user interface of HyperView Player is updated to match the look and feel of the HyperWorks applications.

Figure 1.
Some of the highlights of this graphical user interface refresh are:
  • A single, compact toolbar providing access to all existing functionalities you need for viewing and processing results.
  • A default HyperWorks Light theme. You do have the option (available via the graphics context menu) to either switch to a white theme or use the background/foreground information defined in the .h3d file. For the light and white themes, the h3d information is ignored and the background/foreground colors are automatically set. Mouse controls were also updated to match HyperWorks with an option (via the graphics context menu) to switch to classic HyperWorks Desktop settings.
  • View Cube integrated into the modeling window for easy orientation of model views.