NVH Director 2021.2 Release Notes


  • Job Submission migration to PBS Access
  • Tire Management and workflow enhancements

New Features

Acoustic Cavity Coupling
New options to support structure-fluid coupling for Akusmod and DMIG. New option to specify modal damping for cavity and enhancements in handling creation of coupled reduced model for combined structure and cavity.
Mount Optimization
New feature to visualize animation of rigid body modes, add customized static loadcases and transient torque.
Hydrostatic Mounts
New feature for automatic prediction and tuning of hydrostatic mounts parameters to match the test characteristics.


Job Submission
Enhancement to create a configuration file on job submission with details on loadcases, module states, connection states and configuration giving the summary for an analysis.
Response Manager
Enhancement to specify and request responses in user-defined local coordinate system.
Modal Models
Enhancement to save the modified modal models with modal parameter changes and assign it as a representation file.
Module Prep Folder
Enhancement to specify ‘Prep’ folder in your workspace for saving the representation files.
Modes Visualization
Enhancement to visualize modes of CMS-SE.
  • Enhancement to save and reuse the configuration file for modal correlation set-up.
  • Enhancement in PreTest to export nodes in cylindrical coordinate system.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue related to saving reposition definition in assembly template .csv file.
  • Issue related to handling units in spindle loads utility.