Aerospace 2021.2 Release Notes


  • Starting with the 2021.2 release, the tools available in the Aerospace pull-down menu are migrated to general pages and/or removed if the use case is already covered in other tools. This is valid in HyperWorks only.
  • In the 2021.2 release, all menus available under the Beams/Checks/Results cascade were removed from the pull-down.

Figure 1.
  • Section Cut (Create and Review) were removed (available in the search bar for 2021.2) as covered by Section Property context.
  • Split 1D Elems is removed (available in the search bar for 2021.2).
  • Beamsection from CSV and Beam Update are migrated as a menu under the 1D Mesh group.
  • Beam review is deprecated as already superseded by 1D Mesh review tool.
  • Replace Orientation Nodes By Cord is covered in this release in the 1D Mesh Orient tool.

    Figure 2.
  • List 1D elements Elems from Orientation Nodes is deprecated as covered by Idle mode:
    • Select the node and then switch to elements finds 1D elements using nodes as orientation node.
  • Nastran Checks are available as Validate in the Model Checker.
    • Global Model Validation and Model reduction are special checks that can be loaded in the Model Checker directly.
  • CFAST Validation is available in the search bar only.

    Figure 3.
  • File loader and derived loadcase are migrated to the regular Results Browser in the Post ribbon.
  • Free body tools have been migrated to the Post ribbon.
  • Results Query and MinMax/Ranking/Envelope have a new entry point in the Post ribbon (Tools).
  • The Matrix Browser has a new entry point in the Post ribbon.

    Figure 4.
Spatial ID Manager
The older Spatial Renumbering tool is deprecated. The feature can now be accessed from the Assembly ribbon.

Figure 5.