HyperWorks Report 2021.2 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

This release provides more automated features for making report generation faster.

Image Object Enhancements - Support for Multiple Image Output Formats
Report images can be exported in additional formats such as AVI, JPEG, and TIFF. PNG, GIF, and H3D continue to be supported.
Image Object Enhancements - Support for Hotspot Best Views
Report image best views now supports additional best view modes consistent with the Hotspot finder tool in HyperView. In addition to the best view modes, image creation also supports standard views such as isometric, front, top, side views, and so on. Some options related to view creation are now obsolete and have been removed from the user interface. With this, the note formatting is also moved to the image definition rather than carrying a HyperView note as reference.

Figure 1. Report image with hotspot best view
Automation Using HyperWorks Command Language
Coverage for record and playback for the HyperWorks Command language (HWC), which records and plays back workflows in HyperGraph, has been expanded to include basic report functionality. This includes:
  • Create OneClick session reports.
  • Create, export, and synchronize reports.
  • Add, delete, and move report entities in the report structure.
Note: Editing properties from report entities like texts, images, tables, result loops, and so on will be supported in the next release.

Resolved Issues

  • The concept of Master document has been relabeled as Layout template, to completely remove using the words master and slave across the product.
  • While adding an external Word document, an option to select page range is available now.
  • Loop results module allows element sets selection.
  • Session Report creates images of the HyperWorks desktop resolution by default.
  • Loop component/set selection does not reset when you open the selection widget.