Block Format Keyword Node Groups

Input Type Keywords: Node Group

Input Type
Generate list by increment
List of nodes with generation
Beam group
Brick group
Node groups
Quad group
4 node shell group
3 node shell group
Spring group
Truss group
List line groups
List of nodes
Unsorted node numbers


  1. A node group is a set of nodes. It can be defined explicitly by a list of:
    • nodes
    • entering a first and last node ID range which defines the group
    • submodels (all nodes belonging to the listed submodel are included)
    • submodels (all nodes defined by /NODE or /CNODE in the listed submodel are included)
    • subsets or parts (all nodes belonging to the listed subset/part are included)
    • property sets or materials (all nodes belonging to an element having those Property Type's/MID's are included)
    • groups of nodes
    • element groups (all nodes connected to those elements are included)
    • a box (all nodes within a defined box are included)
    • an unsorted node list: same as list of nodes, but the nodes are not sorted (only needed in /INTER/TYPE8 and /XELEM option).
  2. Node groups are used to define secondary nodes of rigid walls, interfaces, rigid bodies or nodes to which a load is applied, like a concentrated load or a fixed velocity.
  3. Nodes are stored in this order. For all other input types, nodes are sorted.