New Keywords in 2021

New and modified features in Radioss.


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New Starter Keywords
  • /ALE/GRID/LAPLACIAN and /ALE/GRID/VOLUME - Added new ALE grid control options
  • /BCS/CYCLIC - Added new cyclic boundary condition
  • /CHECK/RFILE/OFF - Added option to stop the Starter after model check
  • /FAIL/GURSON - Added new non-local regularization method
  • /FAIL/MULLINS_OR - Added new failure model based on Mullins, Ogden and Roxburgh model
  • /MAT/LAW101 - Added new elastic-viscous-plastic model for polymer materials
  • /MAT/LAW104 - Added new elastic-plastic material law for high tensile strength steel and damage model
  • /MAT/LAW108 (SPR_GENE) - Spring material works with six independent modes of deformation and accounts for nonlinear stiffness, damping and different unloading
  • /MAT/LAW109 - New tabulated elasto-plastic material with strain rate and temperature dependency, linear and logarithmic strain rate interpolation
  • /MAT/LAW110 (VEGTER) - New material with Corus-Vegter material formulation
  • /MAT/LAW113 (SPR_BEAM) - Beam type spring material works as a beam element with six independent modes of deformation
  • /MONVOL/FVMBAG2 - Added new Simpler Finite Volume airbag input
  • /SET/GENERAL - Added new general set
  • /TRANSFORM/POSITION - Transformation by 6 points
Modified Starter Keywords
New Engine Keywords
LS-DYNA Keywords
  • Added a list of new supported keywords and options