Example Guide

This manual presents examples solved using Radioss with regard to common problem types.

The main purpose of this manual is:
  • To illustrate examples for validation using uncommon models for carrying out various Radioss functionalities. Whenever possible, the results provided by Radioss are compared with experimental data or analytical solutions. Furthermore, when the computation time is significant, different types of formulations are compared in order to provide users with an overall idea of the cost for a given option or formulation.
  • To behave as a guide for new Radioss users or for users interested in a type of problem with which they are not familiar. The data is provided to enable a detailed understanding of the options used for modeling. The reader can load data files or process the results obtained at a later stage. The techniques for modeling can be applied to similar problems.
  • To explain about the additional functions included in the Radioss data files, thus providing helpful options when using the Radioss data input manuals.