Monitored Volumes (Airbags)

Block Format Keyword Monitored volumes can be used to model an airbag, tire, tank, or any closed volume.

The surface defining the monitored volume should be oriented outward. If not correctly oriented, an automatic correction is performed by the Radioss Starter; except when /MONVOL/FVMBAG1 kmesh = 0 is used.

The monitored volumes should be inside a closed surface. If there is hole in the volume surface, the hole is automatically closed using a flat surface.

There are three types of monitored volumes used to model an airbag.
  • Uniform pressure airbag (/MONVOL/AIRBAG1)
  • Uniform pressure multi-chambers with communications (/MONVOL/COMMU1)
  • Non-uniform pressure airbag with Finite Volume method (/MONVOL/FVMBAG1 and (/MONVOL/FVMBAG2)

Supported Keywords