Mesh Process Attributes

All of the mesh features in this section are advanced, and in most cases you do not need to change any of them.

There are two internal representations that the mesher can use for a mesh:
  • Full mesh
  • Reduced mesh

Full mesh is active if the Reduced mesh flag is set to Off. A full mesh maintains a complete representation of all entities that describe the mesh. For this representation the mesh region is always bounded by mesh faces, which will always have mesh edges and vertices.

If the Reduced mesh flag is set to On (default), reduced mesh representation is used. A reduced mesh does not represent edges and faces on the interior of the mesh, that is, any edges and faces that would be classified on a model region are not represented. Mesh faces and edges classified on model edges and model faces are represented. Mesh regions and mesh vertices are always represented. This representation saves memory over the full mesh representation. As the reduced mesh representation does not have edges on the interior it cannot be used to represent a higher-order (curved) volume mesh. This is because the geometry of the curved mesh requires mesh edges to hold the points that describe their curved geometry and these do not exist everywhere.