Change Display Options for 2D Image Planes

The Display Options sub-tab allows you to control how the media is displayed on the image plane and in the graphics area.
  1. From the 2D Image Plane tab, click the Display Options sub-tab.
  2. Activate the Maintain aspect ratio option to maintain the aspect ratio of the rectangular image plane while the image is being manipulated using the graphical manipulator.
  3. Activate the Stretch option to stretch or fill the screen in the graphics area with the image/video.
    Activating this option will deactivate the Maintain aspect ratio option.
  4. Activate the Fit option to resize the image plane to fill its window in the graphics area while reserving the aspect ratio and the entire image plane is within the window.
    Activating this option will automatically activate the Maintain aspect ratio and the Stretch options (which cannot be manually deactivated while Fit is selected). Additionally, the manipulators are disabled, since by definition it does not make sense to use the Fit option and at the same time change the image plane size manually.
  5. Activate the Zoom option to zoom the image plane along with the model.
    Restriction: Panning of an image plane is currently not available.
  6. Use the Transparency slider bar to control the transparency of the image plane.
    This is particularly useful for applying watermarks onto the graphics area, as well as controlling the visibility of the stacked images.
    Note: The Backface visibility option is not active for 2D image planes.