Masking Simulation Data

  1. Load a simulation using the Load Model panel.
  2. Display the blank components for which a Forming Limit Diagram (FLD) is to be plotted.
  3. Define or load a forming limit curve (FLC).
    An FLC is displayed in a separate 2D window for you to preview.
    Tip: For comparison purposes, you can create additional FLD studies on the same model using various FLC definitions.
  4. Return to the FLD panel and create an FLD using a reference FLC.
    The following items are displayed: the FLC, the safety curve, ±45 degree lines, and the elemental major and minor strains for the selected components in an xy-plot.
  5. Optional: Click the Query elements icon to select individual elements on the model, which are then highlighted on the forming limit diagram.
  6. Optional: Click the Query FLD plot icon to open the Coordinate Info panel where you can select curve points that will then be highlighted on the formability contour.
  7. Optional: Click the Trace strain path of element to select element(s) on the model and trace their deformation path in the Forming Limit Diagram.