Collision Detection

Use the Collision Detection tool to perform collision interference checking.

This tool allows you to define a collision set, select components (parts) in the collision set, and then detect penetration between two groups. The ability to define multiple collisions sets allows you to quickly perform design reviews.
Attention: The collision detection is based on the mesh and does not take into account the thickness of the shell (2-D) components.

The collision sets defined for the current model are listed in the Collision Sets list. You can add and delete collision sets from the list. Radio buttons allow you to activate/deactivate a collision set or turn off all collision sets listed. You can also sort items in the Collision Sets list by clicking on the list heading. In addition, keyboard shortcuts and a context menu are available for items within the list.

From the Tools toolbar, click Collision Detection .
Note: You can also select Collision Detection from the Tools menu.

Figure 1. Collision Detection Panel