Switch to a Native Desktop Viewer from a Windows Client

Switch to Access Desktop to have more control over Remote Sessions tuning parameters.

Access Desktop must be installed on the machine where you are going to access Access Web.

Start Remote Sessions from Access Web and switch to access the session from native desktop viewer.

  1. Click the Sessions tab located in the upper left-hand of the page.
    A sessions list is displayed.
    Figure 1. Session List
    Note: You can right click a session name and click Open in Desktop.
  2. Choose one of the following options:
    • Double click a session name.
    • Right click a session name and click Open.
    • Right click a session name and click Open Session in New Tab.
    A remote session of the interactive application is opened.
    Figure 2. Remote Sessions Interactive Application

    In the panel located on the left is a list of active sessions and the current session with the user name. Session options are located in the top right-hand corner.

  3. Click
    Figure 3. Remote Sessions - Open in Desktop Option
    Note: The following message is displayed if Access Desktop is not installed:

    A confirmation dialog box is displayed to open the session in Access Desktop:
    Figure 4. Open in Desktop Confirmation
  4. Click Open altair_access_desktop to open the session in desktop.
    The Remote Sessions will be switched from Access Web to Access Desktop.
    Note: Click Always allow server name:port to open links of this type in the associated app to always open the session in desktop and to disable the confirmation message.
    The following message is displayed in Access Web:
    Figure 5. Remote Sessions Message in Access Web
    Note: To view Remote Sessions in Access Web, click Sessions tab and double-click the session.
    The Remote Sessions will be opened in Native Desktop Viewer.

    Figure 6. Remote Sessions in Native Desktop Viewer
  5. Click to view the Native Desktop Viewer options.

    The Native Desktop Viewer Options dialog box is displayed and you can have a better control over the image quality and compression level of Remote Sessions. The settings can also be adjusted as per your requirements.
    Figure 7. Remote Sessions Native Desktop Viewer Options