What's New

New features available in Altair Access™ Web.

High Availability and Auto-Recovery

Access Web now achieves high availability using an active-active load balancer that provides a marked improvement in throughput and response times with a strong foundation for horizontal scalability. The health monitoring and auto-recovery framework ensure minimal downtime by bringing up the system quickly if there are outages.

Audit Log

The Access Web Administrator and the Audit Administrator can search the audit log to view a record of events. The audit log enables precise tracking of events for effective troubleshooting and optimization.

App Composer

The following are the new features of App Composer:
  • Users can edit, share, publish, clone, and delete local application definitions.
  • Administrator can review and publish global application definitions.
  • Shared and published application definitions are differentiated from local application definitions by using special icons.
  • The $ button next to the executable command field in the app composer displays a list of argument choices for easy code completion.

Remote Sessions

The following are the Remote Sessions enhancements:
  • Support for 2000 simultaneous sessions on access deployment.
  • Support for 4K resolutions.
  • In Tile view, the sessions list displays a session screen preview which can be hidden or blurred for additional security.

Browser Support

Access Web is supported on Firefox latest ESR, Google Chrome latest, Safari latest, and Microsoft Edge. Older browsers like Internet Explorer 11 and Internet Explorer Edge are no longer supported.

User Experience

The following are the enhancements in graphical user interface:
  • The Job Submission for is now enhanced with a toggle switch for required and optional fields and helpful tooltips that provide a description of application arguments.
  • Access Web generates multiple generic icons instead of a single icon for an application definition making it easier to distinguish between various applications in the UI. The icons appear with the first letter of the applications together with a combination of predefined colors and shapes.
  • Job Status icons are displayed in the status column of Job Monitoring list.
  • Improved summary fields in Job Details by adding application name and runtime of the job.
  • User feedback form is improved to collect information about the portal.