View Log Messages for a Job

View server, scheduler, and accounting log messages for a job in chronological order.

Drill-down to jobs that are running on a particular HPC cluster, have been submitted to a particular queue, or are owned by a particular user.

Log messages contain server, scheduler, and accounting information. Server logs contain information such as when a job was queued or modified. Scheduler logs contain clues as to why a job is not running. Accounting logs contain accounting records for when a job was queued, started, ended or deleted.

  1. Click a job identifier in the list.

    Select a Job
    Figure 1. Select a Job
  2. Click the tracejob -v tab.
    Log messages with the exception of MoM log messages are displayed.

    Log Messages
    Figure 2. Log Messages
  3. Click Close to return to the Jobs Detail View.