View the Resource Usage of a Job by Execution Host

View the amount of job resource usage on each execution host that the job is running on.

Drill-down to jobs that are running on a particular HPC cluster, have been submitted to a particular queue, or are owned by a particular user.

Once a job reaches a running state, information about the execution hosts that the job is running on is available such as the percentage of memory and CPU being used by the job, the execution hosts upon which the job is running, and the state of the execution hosts.

  1. Click a job identifier in the list.

    Select a Job
    Figure 1. Select a Job
  2. Click the Node List tab.
    A list of execution hosts that the job is running on is displayed.

    Execution Hosts
    Figure 2. Execution Hosts
    Tip: Click the name of a node to drill down to detailed information about the node.
  3. Click Close to return to the Jobs Detail View.