Add a Job Property to the Job Detail View

Enable the display of a job property by adding it to the Job Detail view.

By default, the Job Detail view displays all jobs that have been submitted to the HPC, but have not yet finished. Use this view to drill-down and investigate issues with jobs and perform job management tasks such as placing a job on hold, moving a job to another queue, suspending a job or deleting a job. Each job is represented by a row containing the following information:

  • job identifier
  • the state of the job
  • job name
  • user who submitted the job
  • queue to which the job was submitted
  • number of CPUs requested
  • progress of the job if walltime is specified at job submission
  • comments added by the WLM administrator or the WLM itself about the job

You can view other job properties by enabling their display.

  1. Click located in the upper right-hand corner of the web page.
  2. Enable the check box next to the name of the job property.
    Tip: You can remove a job property from the list by disabling its check box or you can reset the display back to the default job properties by clicking the Reset link.
    The job property is added as a column to the Job Detail view.
  3. Click outside the Settings dialog box to close it.