Engine Keyword Activates MADYMO- Radioss coupling.



lunit tunit munit


Field Content SI Unit Example
Activates the MADYMO- Radioss MPP coupling.
Activates the MADYMO- Radioss direct coupling.
lunit Length unit conversion factor, must be 1 meter in Radioss model unit.  
tunit Time unit conversion factor, must be 1 second in Radioss model unit.  
munit Mass unit conversion factor, must be 1 kg in Radioss model unit.  


  1. /MADYMO/MPP requires MADYMO 7.1 or higher installation.
  2. /MADYMO/ON requires MADYMO 6.3.1 or higher installation and specific Radioss executables.
  3. If using Radioss- MADYMO coupling, /MADYMO/MPP or /MADYMO/ON must be input into every Engine file (Runname_run#.rad).
  4. Units settings: For example, if Radioss model units are mm, s, or kg, the factors will be respectively 1000, 1, 1.
  5. MADYMO is a registered trademark of TASS-SAFE.